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Rally your friends, gather your neighbors...  Let's do it together!  The STWNA is
run by and dependent on community volunteers.  There are a variety of ways you
can  become involved - big jobs and small!  Learn more about how you can help
make a difference in our community today!
"Alone we
can do so
together we
can do so
    -Helen Keller
We have approved our goals and prioritized actions...
We have funding to support these goals and activities..  
Now, we need your help to make it all happen!  
Volunteer Opportunities
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•   STWNA Newsletter                
•   Beautification
•   Block Party                                                
•   E-Waste                                                        
•   Restaurant Night                                                
•   Gang Awareness Info Night                                
•   Garage Sale Weekend                                         
•   Creek way adoption and clean                                
•   Block Party                                                
•   National Night Out                                                
•   Going Green Info Night                                        
•   Dumpster Day                                                
•   Holiday Event                                                
•   Grants                                                        
•   Business Partners                                                
•   Emergency Preparedness                                
•   Neighborhood Watch                                        
•   Traffic Calming                                                
•   Membership Drive                                                
•   Fundraising                                                 
•   Volunteer Coordinator
•   Block Captain
•   Webmaster                                        
•   Something not listed
that you’d like to do?
Neighborhood Association
Neighborhood Association
Volunteerism—It Does a Body Good!

The STWNA is looking for a few good men—and women.  
We have two board positions open.  Why would YOU want to volunteer?

- Help the community and others.
Helping others usually comes to mind first when people think of volunteers.

-Increase self-esteem.
Volunteering makes people feel better about themselves. Giving a few hours a week to an organization creates good

- Help out friends.
Friends are often the first people we turn to when we need help. Volunteering also can create a great way to get
together with friends on a regular basis.

- Make new friends.
Volunteering is a social activity. People use this opportunity to meet interesting people who share their interests and

- Get the “Inside Scoop” on what is happening in the community.  
STWNA Board members were the first to know about the new proposed Safeway shopping center.

- Give back to the community where you live.