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Danielle Pirslin, STWNA President

Danielle is looking forward to being the new president to the San Tomas West
Neighborhood Association and has lived in San Jose for over 30 years. At the age of
19 she started her career as an assistant manager to 216 units at the Greenery
Apartments and became a property owner in the San Tomas West Neighborhood
area in 2005 to three properties.

Danielle has been a member with the California Apartment Association (CAA) along
with Apartment Owners Association (AOA) and the Chamber of Commerce. She has
enjoyed taking many educational classes to further her knowledge in property laws,
owner/renters rights, better business practices, certified residential manager and a
certified Environmental Protection Agency Renovator.

Caring about her children’s education she became very involved in some of the
local schools, district and a government project on the east coast called Head Start,
known as First Start here in California . Danielle joined the Head Start Policy Council
back in 2002, part of two sub committees and was a DHS Delegate (Program
Director of Head Start) to the local Head Start schools in Pittsburgh , PA. At that time
her responsibilities were to ensure the schools aided by the appropriate internal
controls that established and implemented to safe guard Federal funds, annual
independent audit, to resolve community complaints about the program, the
program’s philosophy (Long and Short) range goals with objectives, recruitment of
enrollment, the hire or termination of teachers/staff, fundraising and report to
information to local parents groups abut the Head start program. In 2005 Danielle
became a Certified Positive Parent Teacher in educating parents in small groups.
Later she served on the board to the Walk N’ Roll program at Easterbrook Discovery
school (EDS).

Currently Danielle is the Community Outreach Director Administrative Lead for the
Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 52 (FOP) and Support FOP 52, along with the
Milpitas Police Officers Association partnership to the Fraternal Order of Police. She
is very active in the community being involved with the District 1 Leadership Group,
the Campbell Neighborhood Leaders Group and volunteers her time to local
political leaders in San Jose . Danielle is also involved in the Santa Clara County
Fire Department program known as Community Emergency Response Team
(CERT) and FEMA. With her three daughters, they do Moulage special effects
makeup for the Fire Departments Training Drills, creating volunteer victims for
community responders in a simulated disaster. In her free time, you will find Danielle
working on her craft or sewing projects.

Diann Malakis, Vice President

Diann Malakis's family moved to  West San Jose in 1974.  She attended Strawberry
Elementary, Easterbrook Elementary, Rogers Jr. Hgh and  Graduated Blackford
High School in 1987. Diann has been working in the Construction field since 1992
and is currently the Customer Service Manager and AP Specialist for a Solar

Diann is a Newlywed and wonderful wife as well as a proud mother of two children,
her 12 year old daughter (from a previous marriage) and a 15 year old son.  Diann’s
daughter has been attending Easterbrook Discovery School (EDS) since 1st grade
and is in Jr. High now. Her son Lives in Greece with his mom, but comes here to visit
for the Winter Holidays and Summer break. Diann has played and active roll in her
daughters Girl Scout Troop and currently the Treasurer of that troop. Diann enjoys
spending time with her husband and children.

As Vice President to STWNA, Diann will help with the distributions of the news fliers
and work with block captains to bring to our residents. If you ever need Girl Scout
Cookies be sure to get in contact with her to place your order.

Cathi Hall, Treasurer  

Cathi  graduated from Chico State where she met her late husband, David who grew
up in San Jose and graduated from Del Mar.  She completed her teaching credential
at San Jose State when the family returned here in the mid eighties.  David’s father
was head librarian at West Valley for over 25 years.  The Halls have 3 children;
Steven graduated Blackford in 1989 and has their only 2 grandchildren; James
attended Rogers Middle School, EDS, and graduated from Westmont in 1992
because they closed Blackford his senior year; Katie attended Anderson
Elementary, Rogers Middle, and graduated Prospect in 1995.  Over the years you
may have seen them walking their white akita and golden retriever, or more likely
have seen Cathi “flying” behind the golden on her bike!  Currently she walks the
neighborhood with her knee-high dog Annabelle who many people say closely
resembles the lion in the "Golden Compass".  

Cathi grew up in Napa and has lived in California most of her life, except for a few
years overseas in Indonesia and the Netherlands.  She retired in June after 30 years
of teaching 5th grade, the last 25 years in the Mt. Pleasant Elementary School District
on the Eastside where her passion was to help students develop a joy and love for
science and both boys and GIRLS.  Cathi was recognized at Heritage
Theater by Santa Clara County Office of Education in Sept of 2011.  
Her retirement has allowed her more time to spend on her hobbies, including home
improvement projects, traveling, and shopping.  She recently took up yoga and
looks forward to trying new things in the coming years.  She enjoys most sports... a to
z and hopes to take up kayaking, work with Canine Com- panions raising puppies,
and more road tripping around US in the future.  She did a cross country drive last
summer and loved it!  Cathi said “I look forward to serving on the STWNA Board and
hope you will say hi if you see me out and about!”  She joined STWNA 4 years ago
and recently volunteered to take on the role of treasurer.

Ruth Linton, Secretary

Ruth Linton has lived in the San Tomas West Neighborhood for 20 years, and joined
the association when it began in 2007. She has worked in the neighborhood for 8
years as an Educational Therapist, specializing in students with dyslexia. Ruth
previously worked as a teacher and school librarian in Cupertino. She and her
husband, Tom, have two adult children.

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