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"We are simply a group of concerned community members working to
organize and unite our neighborhoods with the desire to be active
participants in shaping a stronger neighborhood for the future!"
STWNA Mission:             
Purpose of this neighborhood association is to serve as a vehicle
for communication within the STWNA community, between STWNA and
the cities of San Jose and Campbell, as well as with the other
Neighborhood Associations in the area.  Our
Mission is to establish a
communication network within the neighborhood and to establish and
act on a set of priorities and actions that will foster and maintain a high
quality, safe and friendly living environment.  The
Goals for this
association will be defined by members of the association at the
annual meeting and  updated throughout the year as needed.
STWNA Goals:
* To Improve our Community’s Safety and Empowerment
* To Improve our Community's Communication and Awareness
* To Improve our Community’s Cleanliness and Beauty
* To Improve our Community’s Climate - Events
* To Increase our Community’s Resources; Funding
2007 Priorities
STWNA 2008
Priorities and Goals
5/14/08 Approved
Priorities Results
1/14/09 Master Plan
"Never doubt that a
small group of
committed people
can change the
world. Indeed, it is
the only thing that
ever has.”
--Margaret Mead
Goal & Priority
Neighborhood Association
Neighborhood Association
STWNA 2010 Master
2011 Master Plan