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Question:  What is a Neighborhood Association?
The STWNA is a Neighborhood Association, read below to learn
more about what that means to our community.
What we are:  The STWNA is a Neighborhood Association.  Neighborhood
Associations are public organizations run by volunteers.  The Association elects it’
s own officers, determines it’s own priorities, and decides for themselves how
they will meet their agreed upon goals.  Typical NA activities may include
monitoring and expressing neighborhood views on city issues, establishing
neighborhood programs such as Neighborhood Watch, and organizing social
functions such as picnics or pot-lucks, clean-ups, beautification, traffic safety
projects, etc.  NA’s  provide a means for reviewing issues directly affecting their
neighborhood and the community as a whole.  They serve as a voice for
neighborhood interests and concerns.  They improve communication between the
city and its residents.  They promote neighborhood identity.  The city supports
neighborhood associations, which are recognized by the City Council, and are
looked to for advice and recommendations regarding neighborhood issues,
particularly safety and quality of life concerns.
What we are NOT:  We are NOT a Homeowners Association (HOA).  HOAs are
private entities most often created by the real estate developer when a
residential subdivision is first developed or sold. HOA’s are considered private
corporations and as a condition of purchasing a home in the subdivision with an
HOA, buyers are required to become members.  HOA’s assess monthly or
annual dues or fees which can be hundreds of dollars, and require the
homeowners to abide by the HOA’s covenants, conditions, and restrictions
(CC&R’s).  Some CC&R’s are very simple and meant to protect a neighborhood
from damage, i.e. cutting down trees.  Others are more extensive and dictate
what a homeowner can and can not do with their property, i.e. paint color,
number of cars, etc.  When a CC&R violation occurs, a homeowner may face a
sometimes hefty fine.
Some Key Differences
Between Neighborhood
Associations and

1. Membership in an
HOA is tied to the
purchase of a home,
while membership in a
Association, such as
ours, is voluntary.

2. HOA’s can dictate
what it’s members can
and cannot do,
Associations, such as
ours, CANNOT.

3. HOA’s focus is
generally on property
value and appearances,
while a Neighborhood
Association, such as
ours, is that of social
exchanges and quality of
life concerns.
"We are simply a group of concerned community members working to organize
and unite our neighborhood with the desire to be active participants
in shaping a stronger neighborhood."
Neighborhood Association
Neighborhood Association
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